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Ms. K was so much fun to work with.  As a nude model, she had worked more with male photographers and it was interesting to hear her take on my approach as a woman.  It was important to Ms. K that the women who read this blog see a confidently curvy woman do a boudoir shoot. I loved that and was so thankful to have her images to share with you all!  When I first sent Ms. K a sneak peek I immediately got back these words: “WHOA MAMA YES.  Thank you so much!! I had so much fun and it was great to work with an awesome lady!!  Can’t wait to see response on this post lololol HELLO CURVY LADIES LETS GET IN FORMATION”  You know I love a response like that!  Then after seeing her entire shoot, Ms. K shared these words with me to share with you all:

“When I reached out to Ashley, we spoke about how it had been difficult for her to feature plus-size women on the boudoir blog. Few were willing to share their photos for various reasons, and I felt it had to be difficult for Ashley to promote her business to these women when the only photo examples she had permission to show were from mostly thin body types. I wanted to do a shoot, for myself, but also to hopefully maybe convince another woman like me to treat herself, and to see her body in a different way than what she’s probably been told to think her entire life.

Ashley’s boudoir space was so clean, beautiful, and comfortable. It was gorgeously modern and elegant, but still felt warm and homey. This was actually my first time being a model for a lady photographer, and the couple hours spent with her felt more like a fun girls day out instead of a photoshoot. We chatted and laughed so much, I mostly forgot I was in my undies until Ashley asked if I wanted to change outfits! She was so professional and considerate! She checked in with me along the way, making suggestions for pose or angle and ensuring that I was comfortable (I usually run pretty hot and she made sure to position the multiple standing fans in the room on me at all times).

As someone who is already comfortable and confident in myself, I can’t even imagine the impact a boudoir shoot would have on someone who has maybe felt like their desire was inaccessible, because perhaps they’ve been told a boudoir shoot was something that they couldn’t or weren’t even supposed to want to do.

The day I got my photos back, it was a week of humidity and 90+ degree temperatures in New York, I’d had the same bun in my hair for about three days in a row, and I was feeling pretty deflated and sweaty. I got home and looked through the photos and fell in love with myself all over again. Whoa mama, I am a hot lady! Anyone who thinks otherwise is obviously an idiot. LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS, ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Ashley is here to help you celebrate yourself, remind you that your body is for appreciating and not for punishment. It’s after an experience like this that I really stop and think about how amazing this body of mine is, how it takes me places, what it is capable of, and how fortunate I am to be able to love and take care of it. Thanks so much, Ashley, for the good vibes and fun memories!”

Ladies, check the end of this post for Katie’s recommendations for boudoir outfits!











All right, Ashley, here are some of my recommendations, although I’m TOTALLY WITH YOU re: the bounty of great boudoir options at places like Target (almost all my superhero items were Target finds) but I’ve had luck over the years at some online retailers:

Hips and Curves (

Where I got my lace bralette / lace hi-wasted cheekies
Also I’ve gotten a few chemises from there, and they’re my go-to for fun thigh-high options!

Torrid (
Where I got my high-waisted briefs and the thigh-highs we used for the shoot

They also have some cute bralettes here too!!

Lane Bryant (
Ok, in the store it’s like all mom-wear, but online they have some really cute options and usually have really good deals on undies. Also Ashley Graham is their model now, homina homina ::heart eyes emojis into forever::

The Gap (

Where I got my chambray shirt, simple black bra, black t-shirt

Other places I haven’t tried yet, but my plus-sized pals recommend:


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