Why boudoir?

Every woman deserves the empowerment of realizing her unique beauty and feeling sexy and confident in her own skin. Boudoir is about being photographed in a way that celebrates who you truly are. Each woman’s view of what makes her feel confident and sexy is different, and we are here to honor that in the images we take of you. This is a gift you give yourself, your loved one – those around you might even feel the affects of your experience. I have seen boudoir shoots change women’s lives. A boudoir shoot can transform how you feel about your body and shift how you see yourself. There are stories of the product of a boudoir shoot rekindling a marriage that needed a spark. Women healing from eating disorders have chosen to do a boudoir shoot to help reclaim a healthy view of their bodies.

Boudoir is not just pretty, provocative pictures of women in lingerie. Boudoir is a positive experience of being photographed in a way that uniquely flatters you, celebrating who you are at any size or age or stage in life. It is for all women – single, engaged, married, Moms, tall, short, curvy, slender, shy or outgoing. The experience of a boudoir shoot strengthens the bond you have with yourself and your partner. Boudoir is not pornography – we only share images here on this site to show you examples of our work. We take your privacy very seriously and only share the images you give us permission to. Women of all religions have experienced boudoir shoots – humans were created to be sexual, connect with each other and to love who we are. The experience of boudoir is a true investment. It is a gift you give yourself to choose to dress up and be photographed in an empowering way. It then becomes a legacy you leave of championing women and their bodies.

"Ashley worked with me on the parts of my body I am self-conscious of to make sure that I self secure and comfortable throughout the entire session. I recommend a boudoir shoot to any woman of any age!" Ms. S
"I can honestly say my boudoir shoot with Ashley is one of my all-time favorite  memories.  Not only was it ridiculously fun, it was empowering and strengthening in a  way I did not anticipate.  I went from hesitantly removing my clothes to not wanting to  put them back on!  If I had enough money, I would schedule a boudoir shoot on a regular  basis because it was so good for my soul." Ms. M
“Wow, these are absolutely incredible. You show women exactly how beautiful they are, and even though I've said this many times over, but even more so now, I have the utmost respect for you and what you do.” Ms. W
“It was great for her. She's sexy and the photos show that. She looks so happy, confident, and assertive. It's amazing. One of my favorite moments when she showed me the photos was when she said "my boobs look great in that photo." I love that you showed her how beautiful she is. She sort of got to see herself as I see her. Thank you for helping her speak beauty and redemption into that brokenness.” Mr. D (received a boudoir album from wife):
“When I first contemplated doing a boudoir shoot for my future husband, I was feeling a wide range of emotions. The day of the shoot, Ashley made me feel so comfortable and she was complimentary the whole time. The entire experience felt so beautiful, confident, pure, and empowering! The images Ashley captured are incredible and the book she put together for my hubby was amazing! Even now, he keeps my book in the drawer of his nightstand and I catch him looking at it every once and a while. Every woman should do it - You just have to have the perfect photographer, and luckily I did.” Ms. R
“Shooting with Ashley was sooooo liberating! I was one who never thought I would "do such a thing", but her tasteful eye and handiwork totally changed my perception of how beauty can be captured. My husband was totally surprised and I'd definitely seize the opportunity to work with Ashley again! I have absolutely no regrets!!!” Ms. E
“Doing this shoot was originally planned solely for the husband to be, but in the end, it seemed to have an amazing impact on me. We all have insecurities but I noticed mine LESS in this shoot... The one shoot I thought for sure I would see them all magnified! Ashley had a way with the camera that made me feel so comfortable and gorgeous. It's one thing to hear my husband say I look good. But another thing to truly think, "Awww I am beautiful. I DO look good!" No lie, I break out my little black book from time to time when I'm feeling frumpy. I definitely plan on doing more throughout the years with Story Photographers. Oh and he loved it too! ;)” Ms. J