Our Story

When I think about what the great passions of my life are, it is no secret that I have always wanted to elevate women. I care very much about women’s issues and want so much for women to be shown and to feel their worth in this world. This love for championing women has taken on various forms in other jobs and educational experiences that I have had prior to starting a photography business. Our world tries so hard to tell women that we need to be something we are not. This is a journey I have also been on, finding my own sense of worth and embracing who I am. Through seasons of disordered eating and unpacking my “daddy issues” I know that loving your self does not always come easy, but that it is completely worth the fight to get there.

I have seen how nervous women are when they first arrive to their boudoir shoot experience. You are taking a risk, putting all your trust in me to care for you, not judge you, and photograph you in a flattering yet honest way. You trust me with these images, that I will respect your privacy and anonymity – I always only share with others what you give me specific permission to. And while I’ve made this whole thing sounds serious so far, I also make sure that you are having a great time, which helps those nerves dissolve and allows you own your shoot and feel amazing about yourself. I would love to share the experience of a boudoir shoot with you.